ABBY is our friendly 24-hour, 7-day a week automated telephone attendant. ABBY is easy to use and at no cost to you. With your touch tone telephone, you can use ABBY by calling (301) 206-8999 or toll free (800) 828-6439 ext 8999.

When you say “yes” to ABBY, you will be able to assign your own Personal Identification Number (PIN). This PIN is your key to easy and convenient access to your account balance and history, loan information, check withdrawals, payroll deduction information, and much, much more !

Visit the Credit Union office today to sign up !

SHARE TYPES – Please note that these have changed

001                                                           Share Savings
006, 009, 011, 012, 016                         Special Savings
102, 104                                                   Share Draft (Checking)
208                                                            Holiday Savings Club
606                                                               6 Month Certificate
609                                                               9 Month Certificate
612                                                            12 Month Certificate
618                                                            18 Month Certificate
624                                                            24 Month Certificate
636                                                            36 Month Certificate



After successfully entering a member number and PIN, the you will hear the Main Menu options below. You may select any one of the two digit options at any time without listening to the entire menu recording.  After entering a two-digit menu code you will hear the action options for the menu code entered. Each menu group is outlined below.

Main Menu

01                    Transaction Menu
02                    Balance Inquiry Menu
03                    Draft Inquiry Menu
04                    History Menu
05                    Dividends and Interest Menu
07                    Other Options Menu
98                    Terminate Call
99                    Repeat Current Menu

Menu 01      (Transactions)

01                    Share to Share Transfer
02                    Share to Loan Transfer
05                    Check Withdrawal from a Share Account
06                    Share to Different Member Share
07                    Share to Different Member Loan
##                    Return to Main Menu
99                    Repeat Current Menu


Menu 02      (Balance Inquiries)

01                    Share Draft Balance
02                    Share Account Balance
03                    Loan Balance
04                    CD Balance
05                    IRA Balance
##                    Return to Main Menu
99                    Repeat Current Menu


Menu 03      (Draft Account Inquiries)

01                    Cleared Drafts
02                    Draft Deposits
03                    Cleared Drafts by Draft #
##                    Return to Main Menu
99                    Repeat Current Menu


Menu 04      (Account History)

01                    Share Draft Deposits
02                    Share Deposits
03                    Share Withdrawals
04                    ATM Transactions
05                    ACH Deposits
06                    ACH Withdrawals
07                    Payroll Deposits
##                    Return to Main Menu
99                    Repeat Current Menu


Menu 05      (Dividends and Interest)

01                    YTD Dividends
02                    YTD Interest Paid
03                    Prior Year YTD Dividends
04                    Prior Year YTD Interest Paid
05                    Last Dividend Amount
##                    Return to Main Menu
99                    Repeat Current Menu


Menu 06      (Other Options)

01                    Calculate Loan Payoff
04                    CD Maturity Dates
08                    Change PIN Number
##                    Return to Main Menu
99                    Repeat Current Menu

Click here to print the new Abby User’s guide