PipeER – WSSC and WSSC Federal Credit Union have partnered to bring you the PipeER Loan.


What is PipeER?

PipeER is the Connection Pipe Emergency Replacement Loan Program. The purpose of the program is to provide loans to eligible customers to finance the replacement of leaking pipes located on residential property that connect from WSSC’s service connection to the residence.

How was this loan program established?

This new loan program was established during the 2018 Maryland legislation session, when House Bill 408 was passed. The legislation requires an annual budget of $100,000 for the loan program per year, from Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 through FY 2029. Funds will be made available on a first come, first served basis each year.

Do these loans apply to sewer pipes?

No, the PipeER program is only for water pipes.

How do I find a WSSC licensed plumber?

A list of registered licensed plumbers can be found on the WSSC website at: wsscwater.com/findplumber

Are there any restrictions associated with the loan?

Liens will be placed on the residential properties of the loan recipients until the loans are paid in full.

How many loans will be administered each year?

The annual budget for each WSSC fiscal year is $100,000. Once that amount has been distributed, there will be no more funds available until the beginning of the next fiscal year.

Who determines if I qualify?

The loan program is administered by the WSSC Federal Credit Union, who will review the loans.

How do you qualify for a loan?

The Credit Union is responsible for underwriting and administering the loans under this program, therefore all contact regarding the application process should be directed to WSSC FCU at (240) 459-8008.

However, customers must meet the following criteria:

      • Must be a residential customer and owner of the property upon which the pipe replacement is taking place
      • Received a WSSC 30-day leak letter/notification
      • Received two quotes from WSSC licensed plumbers

Loan Details

    • Loan request must be at least $500, but may not exceed $5,000.
    • A borrower may have only one loan at a time.
    • Repayment terms range from 12-60 months.
    • The loan interest rate is equal to the Prime Rate* – 1.00%, with a floor of 4.50% APR. The current rate is 4.50% APR**.  A discount of 0.50% will be applied to loans paid through direct deposit.
    • Applicants must meet the Credit Union’s minimum underwriting standards to qualify.
    • Funds will be paid directly to the WSSC-licensed plumber completing the work.
    • If a loan is issued, the borrower will become a member of WSSC Federal Credit Union.
    • Loans under the program are underwritten by WSSC Federal Credit Union, however borrowers will be required to acknowledge that WSSC will record a lien on the property.

*As of the prior June 30th
**APR=Annual Percentage Rate


Click here to apply after reading the instructions below

Please enter the following when prompted during the application process:

    • Are you a member of WSSC Federal Credit Union? – Answer “No”, unless your are a member
    • Select Loan Type – Answer “PipeER”
    • Amount Requested – Minimum is $500/Maximum is $5,000
    • Purpose – Answer “PipeER”
    • Collateral – Answer “Home”
    • Would you like to add insurance protection to this loan? – Answer “Yes”, if you are interested in adding credit life and/or disability