ABBY is our friendly 24-hour, 7-day a week automated telephone attendant. ABBY is easy to use and at no cost to you. With your touch tone telephone, you can use ABBY by calling (301) 206-8999 or toll free (800) 828-6439 ext 8999.

When you say “yes” to ABBY, you will be able to assign your own Personal Identification Number (PIN). This PIN is your key to easy and convenient access to your account balance and history, loan information, check withdrawals, payroll deduction information, and much, much more !

Visit the Credit Union office today to sign up !

ABBY: Welcome to your Credit Union. Please remember to enter the pound sign (#) after each entry. Please enter your Account Number.
You: Press your Account Number
(ex. 1234). Press #.
ABBY: Please enter your Personal Identification Code.
You: Press your 4-digit PIN. Press #.
ABBY: Please enter the 2-digit transaction code or star (*) to review those that are available.
You: Press 10 for share inquiry. Press #.
ABBY: Please enter the Record Number;
You: Press 01 (regular shares). Press #.
ABBY: Your current balance is …..
Your available balance is ….
Date of last transaction is …
Please enter the 2-digit transaction code or star(*) to review those that are available.
You: Press 99 (to end call). Press #.
ABBY: Thank you for calling your Credit Union.

Just always remember to press # after each completed entry and you’ll be sure to enjoy ABBY.

Remember, ABBY is a free service ! So, the next time you want your account balance, say “Hello” to ABBY.

Available Transactions
10 – Share Inquiry
Select your record number:
01 – Regular Share
02 – Share Draft
06 – Special
08 – Christmas
ABBY gives you ..
– Current Balance
– Available Balance
– Date of Last Transaction
17 – Account Transfers
18 – Related Account Transfers
Provides authorization for the Credit Union to transfer between your accounts. Note that you have to enter the full amount in dollars and cents.
For example: $100.50, press 10050.
14 – Last Year’s Dividend
and Interest
Gives total dividends earned and interest paid for all accounts.
21 – Loan Inquiry
When record number is entered, ABBY gives you..
– Current Principal Balance
– Today’s Payoff Amount
– Each Day’s Interest
50 – Last Payroll Info Gives the amount and date of the last payroll posting.
90 – Last Five Drafts Cleared Lists the last 5 drafts cleared along with number, amount and date.
91 – Individual Draft Cleared When a specific draft number is entered, indicates whether a draft has cleared or not. If draft has cleared, ABBY lists the number, amount and date.
92 – Last Five Transactions When record number is entered, ABBY gives the date, amount and type of the last 5 “non-draft” postings.
99 – Ends Session Indicates to ABBY you are finished and will automatically hang up.